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Let's Wine About It! 10.5.2020

October 5, 2020

Hello fellow wine lovers! My name is Michael Schepp, self-described “wino” who was lucky enough to turn my hobby into a career. I have been interested in wine since my early 20’s, but it wasn’t until a trip to Napa, CA in 2008 that my interest became more of a fascination.

There I earned my Level 2 Certificate from WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) through the Napa Valley Wine Academy, and continue to work to increase my knowledge and passion for the world of wine.

In 2015 I opened HELIX wine & bites in downtown Grand Forks, ND, which at the time was a small 20 seat wine lounge. It was a great place for the start of my dream to bring great wines, and a unique atmosphere for our customers to sit, sip, and relax with family & friends.

In January 2017 we relocated to our current location in south Grand Forks, continuing with the great wine bar atmosphere but also adding a full-service restaurant and bar. It’s such an interesting business. I meet new people & of course get to talk with them about their favorite wines, favorite foods & restaurants, as well as the wonderful wine vacations they have experienced.

I decided to start blogging to share my passion for wine, spirits, food, & travel. My goal is to encourage you to try something new, to realize a good bottle of wine doesn’t need to be saved for a special occasion (Tuesday sounds like a special occasion!), to provide information in an enjoyable sometimes humorous format, & to hear from you – your thoughts, your favorites, your ideas.

Let’s wine about it together!


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